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Luck of the Draw December 1, 2004

Posted by dhar in Misc.

Non ISB junta will find this hard to follow. So ignore!

PPT Allotted to PG040277: Microsoft

Is this some kinda cosmic joke? 😉



1. Ranjyte - December 1, 2004

I’m sure this is a conspiracy!
PPT allotted to PG040284: Microsoft

I say we get the ‘gang’ and occupy front seats. I’ll get the eggs, you get the pie!!

2. Anonymous - December 2, 2004

Can i know wht the hell is all this….

3. Anonymous - December 3, 2004

kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi

4. Anonymous - December 3, 2004

well…i’m not yet a bahu;)
btw if u are super fans of K-series i could also provide gist of stories for alll tht crap….
keep rocking guys

5. Dhar - December 3, 2004

What is going on? This has become a bulletin board for crappy Hindi soaps?


6. Anonymous - December 4, 2004

I think we sud add some kind of security check on our bulletin boards… what say ? ESp for non ISBians…:)

7. sudeep - December 8, 2004
8. Dhar - December 8, 2004

SudeJ you rascal!

Why, may I ask, have YOU been visiting Rediff matchmaker? And I wonder what search string you gave to land up on that particular page.


9. sudeep - December 9, 2004

no search strings.. It wasnt me who found the link, the link found me, as a medium to reach u..

Who are we, but instruments of the divine will ? Its your destiny.. Give up already.. the picture is calling out.. Dhar.. Dhar.. Dhar..


10. Anonymous - December 15, 2004

Dhar u were so desparate to get hooked…..phew we never knew….god Bless u …


11. Anonymous - December 16, 2004

NYT Firefox ad runs forever.
Yeah the world has indeed changed.

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