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Misc. Post December 17, 2004

Posted by dhar in Misc.

Things at ISB have been keeping me busy and its been a long time since I blogged about anything. Placement season has started. These days are filled with pre-placement talks, focus group meetings and things of that nature.

On the technology front, Yahoo beat Google to video search. The Net has been rife with rumors of Google launching a video search, but it looks Yahoo has beaten them to the punch.

On the books front, I recently picked up a good book on Negotiations that I am currently reading. Do check out Bargaining for Advantage by Richard Shell. Hopefully should be able to complete this one before the end of the month.

On the movies front, some of the movies I watched since I last blogged: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Journey, The Chronicles of Riddick, Plan 9 from Outer Space and The Incredibles. Am looking forward to watching RevolutionOS.

On the personal front, my team won the Business Plan competition organized by ISB. Will be going to Bangkok sometime in March for the next round — The Asia Moot 2005 B-Plan competition.

I also got to meet some blogger friend’s during ISB Alumni meet: Solstice. Met Arun, Rajappa, Vikki and Ramki.

And I will probably not be blogging for around 20-30 days. You will find posts more frequently once the placement season is over.



1. Watziznem - December 17, 2004

Dude, congrats for the Asia Moot competition and all the best for your placements!

2. Anonymous - December 18, 2004

Congrats on Asia Moot. Re. your other post on the PPT :), it was a good meeting of minds.

Best of luck for the placements,

3. Indian Blogger - December 19, 2004

Congrats on your Asia Moot.Good Job.

And regarding your question…Nah,am not from IIT.
BTW,why did you delete the first comment on my blog.

4. Dhar - December 20, 2004

Thanks for the wishes guys…

Made4ISB, the first comment had an incorrect link. There was no way of editing it, so had to delete it…


5. Anonymous - December 21, 2004

congrats buddy…:)
reach out for the stars

6. Bala Prabhu - January 12, 2005

All the best dude!

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