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ISB Admissions Interview December 21, 2004

Posted by dhar in Misc.

I was checking the blogs of a few prospective ISB students and found them all populated with posts about interview preparation and stuff. Well, here is a framework that will help the prospective students answer all work related questions in a very structured manner. The framework is called START.

Every work related question and quite a few behavioral questions can be answered using the START framework. What exactly is the START framework?

S: Situation
Start by giving some information about the situation you were facing. This could be background information that will help the AdCom understand your position better or information that is vital to understanding why you did something.

T: Tasks
Given the situation, what tasks needed to be done?

A: Actions
What actions did you take? Tasks is the universal set of things that needed to be done while Actions is the subset that you performed.

R: Results
Based on the actions you took, what happened? What were the improvements? Usually improvements are in terms of cost, efficiency, greater customer satisfaction etc.

T: Takeaways
What were your key takeaways from this experience?

Practice using the START framework. Your answers will be crisp, structured and to the point.

All the best to you guys!



1. Indian Blogger - December 21, 2004

Great stuff! You are the Man!

2. Anonymous - December 22, 2004

I think I am crazy….about you…totally….

3. Indian Blogger - December 22, 2004

πŸ˜€ Just read the other comment..I hope that itz a gal and not a guy..He he he!
Thanks for the inputs..Any more tips for the applicant junta

4. Ranjyte - December 22, 2004

Hey D, now we know where those roses came from! The CCC is coming to get you…

5. Anonymous - December 22, 2004

Dhar find some time for people who are waiting to recieve your mail as well…..
Read Made for ISB’s comment…. it’s true….need I say ….it’s who?

6. Dhar - December 22, 2004

*Buggers* πŸ™‚

7. Anonymous - December 22, 2004

coudl be * Huggers* tooo……:))…..u r caught guy….

8. Anonymous - December 22, 2004

I’ve been hunting for ISB related everything everywhere.. and you know what …almost all of you ISB wannabes or ex ISB bloggers seem to be techies!! Why god??! No offence.. in fact I am one of you for the past 4.5 years but god knows I don’t want Linux lovers and gozilla mozilla RPS discussions !!

ISB applicant (who might contribute to the allegedly low 19% female ratio of ISB if selected)

9. Dhar - December 22, 2004

>almost all of you ISB wannabes or ex ISB bloggers seem to be techies!! Why god??!

The question, Anonymous poster, is not Why… it is Why not?

Anyway, to answer your question, first there is probably a high correlation between a person being a techie and having a blog.

Second, close to 70% (Ranjyte, correct me if I am wrong) of the ISB students are from Tech backgrounds.

Third, I am not that sure that many other ISB bloggers are “Linux Lovers” or “Firefox Freaks”.


10. Anonymous - December 23, 2004

Dhar how much is your score IMP and knowing your seniors how worth do you think is it for a Year.?


11. Dhar - December 23, 2004

> Dhar how much is your score IMP

I am assuming you are talking about the GMAT score. To be honest, it does not hurt to have a good GMAT score. As a candidate it just means you have one less thing to worry about. I believe ISB’s average GMAT score is around 690. But I am sure they have taken exceptional candidates with lower scores than that.

> and knowing your seniors

Not sure if that helps a lot. They might guide you a bit but I suspect just knowing your seniors wont get you an interview call. Again these are my impressions and I may be wrong. But overall other than fundaes and gyaan, I dont think seniors will help beyond a point.

> how worth do you think is it for a Year.?

Are you asking about how good the 1 year program is? Well, basically the value of the program can be gauged by the faculty, the facilities, the peer group and the placements.

Faculty: I would rate it as 10 outta 10
Facilities/Infrastructure: 10 outta 10
Peer Group: It would rate ISB at 8 outta 10 on this parameter.
Placements: Ask me again in a month or so when the placement season at ISB is over. πŸ˜‰

Hope this answers your questions… If you need further info, you can either mail me at “sumit dot dhar at gmail dot com” or the AdCom.


12. Anonymous - December 23, 2004

Thanks a ton…..neways I’m looking at it next year when my experience would be around 3 yrs….:)….i feel to naive at this age to plunge into it…
Will talk to you soon.
Would like to correct you About knowing your seniors…i meant asking you know where they are now…and where they wanted to be…so it was the satisfaction level I was talking about nothin else …D.
by teh way if knowing your seniors helps…then I might as well come and stay there….:)


13. kaushikonweb - January 22, 2005

Hi All,

Thanks for those useful tips on preparation for interview.

Have applied to ISB in the 2nd round.

Would you be having any idea how the 2nd round goes ? Can anybody share their experiences during the interview ?
What would be the best way to prepare ?


14. Anonymous - January 22, 2005

I wish to get admission in isb hyderabad. i am civil engineer from REC, surathkal.. and after that i worked for 7 months as structural engineer.. have always wanted to do mba.. but with the structural work, was unable to concentrate on mba entrance preparation.. AFter that i joined a faculty in an mba entrancecoaching institute, am not boasting but was able to perform exceptionally well there… my acads are decent and consistent… am applying on the basis of cat score-93.5 pecentile. my gmat score is 710. what are my chances … please guide me….

15. Anonymous - January 22, 2005

i am same person who is from surathkal, rec and wanted ur help… well, i passed out in 2002. and after that along with structural engineering experience+faculty.. its total of 14 months of workexperience…

16. Anonymous - April 15, 2005

I just finished my ISB degree and I can tell you one thing. They will not accept you unless you have more than 3 years of work experience. GMAT scores for accepting class have ranged from 480-720. Best of luck!!

17. Anonymous - December 7, 2005

Hi There,
I am interested in applying to ISB.Have more than 5 years of Exp here in the US and a GMAT score of 620 (;.
Do you think I should give it a try or work on my GMAT score?Please advise.


18. Dhar - December 7, 2005


Please mail me and we can discuss your chances further.


19. Anonymous - December 18, 2005

Hi sumit ,
Just sent you an email.Please revert back at your earliest.


20. Anonymous - December 23, 2005


What’s the “recommnded” dress code for the ISB interview for guys?!


21. Anonymous - January 16, 2006

if cat score is 94 percentile..what is chance for ISB

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