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110627788171969055 January 21, 2005

Posted by dhar in Misc.

The search for me is over.



1. Jeet - January 21, 2005

Cool. congrats ! Kidhar hain inka office?

2. Anonymous - January 21, 2005


Is this the first time Ernst & Young has come to ISB???

3. Dhar - January 21, 2005

Hey Jeet… The office is in Bombay… That is gonna be a big pain. Other than that, work is interesting…

And Anonymous, not sure if this is the first time E&Y has come to ISB.


4. kataclysmic - January 21, 2005

Congrats Dhar

5. Anonymous - January 21, 2005

Nicely 🙂 I’m sure you’re Earnest (though, like me, no longer Young!) And whatja mean bastard, Bombay, with all its faults, is my dream destination!!! Usko koooch nahin bolne ka kya????


6. Dhar - January 21, 2005

Abey Jose, dont tell me you love Bombay with all its crowds, humidity and pollution….

Kataclysmic… thanks for your wishes!


7. Watziznem - January 21, 2005

Congratulations Dhar! So the journey begins 🙂

8. Dhar - January 21, 2005

Chand Man…

Yes another leg of the journey begins! 🙂


9. Handa - January 21, 2005

mubarak ho.. Mr. D

10. Anonymous - January 21, 2005

congrats dhar bhaiyya!
earnest wishes for a young turk

11. Sandeep - January 23, 2005

Congratzz Dhar!!

12. Vivek Kumar - January 24, 2005

Congratulations Dhar 🙂

Will see you in Bombay later this year..

And BTW.. Ashish Pandey (rings a bell, doesn’t it?) is getting married on 29th of this month!

13. Dhar - January 24, 2005

Bells?? Dude, it sets of alarm bells. 🙂

If it weren’t for you maintaining a stoic silence in front of Pagal Shiva, I would have been a goner. 🙂


14. Anonymous - January 25, 2005

Congratulations…it feels like yesterday when you joined ISB (and changed the blog layout) and you already have a job now…oops, sorry I tend to get melodramatic on happy occasions…congrats again 🙂


15. Dhar - January 25, 2005

One of the most common statement at the farewell function at IIT-Bombay was “Yeh chaar saal kaise nikal gaye, pata hi nahi chala”.

I think the same can be said for the year at ISB. 🙂


16. Anonymous - January 25, 2005

Hey man Congrats.

Looks like Bombay doesn’t want to leave you!

Well have a great career with E & Y…..

Best Wishes.


17. Anonymous - January 26, 2005

Mubarak Ho.


18. Anonymous - January 27, 2005

cool man ! congrats ….


19. Dhar - January 27, 2005

Sahile, Pravin, Laloo…

Thanks guys!


20. Anonymous - February 2, 2005

Hey dhar, congrats man ..

and BTW, keep blogging.. there is always some new and good stuff on ur blog .. 🙂


21. Anonymous - February 7, 2005

Ah so finally I shall have my treat. And since everyone’s been making puns on E&Y here’e my share of punning: Earn and feed the young. 😛

between you really need to check the insti servers. Some nice oldies making rounds, plus some expert advice on insti network would be welcome. the last I heard was that Diro had planned to disable hostel LAN but apna CC head saved the junta.

And lastly, congrats! 🙂

22. Zishaan - February 7, 2005

Congrats Dhar!

I would anyday prefer a city like Hyd over Bombay 🙂

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