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Asia Moot Corp B-Plan Competition March 18, 2005

Posted by dhar in Misc.

Ganesh, Srini and I represented ISB at the recently concluded Asia Moot Corp Business Plan Competition. Here are some pictures from our visit:

The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace Again

Traditional Thai Drum Dance

Temple of Emerald Buddha

Boat on the river Chao Phraya

Temple of Emerald Buddha Again

The Warrior

After winning the Mini-Moot B-Plan Competition



1. lakesidey - March 18, 2005

Congrats πŸ™‚ When is treat?
~ btw I got Coats (Operations) :o)

2. chand - March 18, 2005

Dhar, that was awesome. Congrats!

And the customary question – when’s the treat??

3. Dhar - March 18, 2005

Jose… congratulations on Coats. When and where is the joining.

Chand man… how has life been treating you? What is your plan with your summers?

Treat is the day we all meet in Mumbai. πŸ˜‰

4. sudeep - March 19, 2005

so.. u won ? πŸ˜€

kahe ka dukaan lagane ka plan hai ? πŸ˜€

pop me a mail..

5. Dhar - March 19, 2005

> pop me a mail..

Have done so. Kindly check your mailbox. πŸ˜‰


6. Jeet - March 21, 2005

hey congrats for winning.. whatever it was u won πŸ˜€

7. Dhar - March 21, 2005

Hey Jeet,

Thanks for your wishes. The performance could have been better, but still pretty satisfied over all. The experience was amazing and some of the teams were superb.

I specially liked the team from Oregon which came up with the concept of perpetual battery. God-giri it was!


8. lakesidey - March 21, 2005

Bangalore, June 1st. Will be roaming in factories down South πŸ˜› πŸ™‚


9. Anonymous - March 21, 2005

Congrats dude. Gorgeous photographs. Buddhist monks have it easy πŸ™‚
-Arun A

10. Prachi - March 29, 2005

Hey Sumit,
Congrats to all three of you. Keep sharing all your big or small success stories. It’s always a pleasure to hear good.


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