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Golden Consultant Award April 3, 2005

Posted by dhar in Misc.

Receiving the Golden Consultant award from Joseph Hopper
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To my total surprise, during the graduation ceremony, I found that my team (Jaisooraj, Sridhar, Mani, Sandiliya and I) had won the Golden Consultant Award for the work we did with Google. I guess a lot of credit for this goes to the people at Google: Roy Gilbert and Manoj to name a couple. Without their help/inputs, none of this would have been possible.



1. lakesidey - April 3, 2005

Hey dost congrats 🙂 Me too graduated yesterday (no awards of any sort though;)

2. S Anand - April 4, 2005


What was your project on?

3. sudeep - April 4, 2005

congrats !! 🙂

4. Anonymous - April 4, 2005



5. Dhar - April 4, 2005

Thanks guys!

Anand, the project was about helping them streamline/optimize their recruitment strategy!


6. Anonymous - April 4, 2005


I got a survey mail from Google about
recruitments. Was it your team ?

7. Dhar - April 4, 2005

About the survey, I dont think it was our team responsible for it. 🙂


8. Kapil Lalwani - April 5, 2005

amazing ! congrats dude !


9. Piper - April 7, 2005

Kinda late on this one but congrats dude!

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