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They do it with Layers June 22, 2005

Posted by dhar in Misc.

Sometimes we could all do with an extra hand…



1. Anonymous - June 23, 2005

hi D…good to see that thy tribe is increasing….do u mutate and multiply like some single celled organism….cos as far as i know same sex unions dont make um babies….muhahahah


2. Dhar - June 23, 2005

You bastard! 🙂


3. Jeet - June 23, 2005

cool.. i assure you world is satisfied with one of you.. :)) nice one re..

4. Dhar - June 23, 2005

And I thought the world needed more of me… Like Agent Smith in the Matrix… Pity it ain’t so! 😦


5. Anonymous - June 23, 2005

Nice work D! Gud un…

Now one of you can brew tea while the other runs down to SV2 for plastic cups :p


6. Anonymous - June 23, 2005

And another D in the loo, collecting valuable ‘intelligence’


7. Anonymous - June 23, 2005

We had enf with one…. Dont need another. BTW is it one D giving tips to the other D on how to make good Chai


8. Dhar - June 23, 2005

We will get you all for this. Next time we make tea, you can bet there is gonna be something funny added to it. 🙂

D & D

9. Arun Anantharaman - June 23, 2005

Good one dude. 🙂 How’s you been? And how are things at E&Y. Mail in sometime, when you have the time.

A similar photograph, I had seen earlier. May give you a few more ideas 🙂


10. chand - June 24, 2005

D, check out this photoblog:


Some excellent shots!

11. Aus - June 24, 2005

It was bound to happen one day – that no other human wd want to be around the D Man and He will be forced to creat another in His own image…

12. Dhar - June 24, 2005


I have seen the Catchycolors blog. It is beautiful.


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