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X-Men June 28, 2005

Posted by dhar in Misc.

Just finished another graphic novel: X-Men: Phoenix Endsong. Now I know why some of my friends rant and rave about X-Men. The ink work is amazingly beautiful. Click on the Read More link below to check a sample of the ink work.



1. Jake - June 28, 2005

amazing is it not ? I always loved xmen, the few comics of which i did manage to get my hands on.

2. Dhar - June 28, 2005

True… X-Men is incredible!

Am now waiting to check out Sandman by Neil Gaiman.


3. Anonymous - June 28, 2005

Sandman is available online at

Though the content is not that very great, the graphics r pretty cool.


4. Dhar - June 28, 2005

> Sandman is available online at
> http://www.marvel.com/dotcomics/

Now you tell me… šŸ™‚

Anyway, have already got Sandman. But there are quite a few other comics available on the site. Should be worth a glance sometime.


5. Suhit Anantula - June 29, 2005


how have you been? i am doing well in australia.


6. Jake - June 29, 2005

hey Dhar, where do you get all of em comics ? esp, the gorgeous xmen you put a sample of.
do send me the links, or torrent(s) links if you can.
you can reach me at

7. Dhar - June 30, 2005

Hey Suhit… how are you doing? Which college did you join? I am assuming that you went to Australia for your MBA?

Jake, have replied to your post at your Gmail ID.


8. Anonymous - June 30, 2005

Hamey bhi batao yaar links, etc.


9. Rad - July 10, 2005

If you’re enjoying X-Men: The End then be sure to check out Astonishing X-Men by Joss Whedon and John Cassaday. Sumptuous artwork and some barbed wit in the dialogue equals comic book heaven

10. Anonymous - September 9, 2005

Can you send me a link/torrent to your source too? I’d love to get hooked up…


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