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Moment of T-Shirt Zen July 6, 2005

Posted by dhar in Misc.

Spotted on two T-shirts outside Vashi Station:

1. I think, therefore I am single.
2. Not all men are foolish, some remain single.

Have you had any Aha! moments with T-Shirt one liners?



1. Kaps - July 6, 2005

Spotted on a girl’s t-shirt

Weapon of Mass Seduction

2. L - July 6, 2005

Another one on a gal’s T shirt

“I wish they were brains..!!” on top of those —— …

3. Laloo - July 6, 2005

Read on a friend’s t-shirt few days back:

“Eternity” – Last two minutes of a football game !

– laloo

4. Jake - July 6, 2005

oh loads. on the front: bomb technician. on the back, if you see me running, keep up.

bikers t shirt back: if you can read this, the bitch fell off.

5. Jeet - July 7, 2005

I recently bought two. 1. Same t-shirt, different day
2. I am multi-talented, I can talk and annoy you at the same time 🙂

6. Tejas Patel - July 7, 2005

Nice ones.

7. Vivek Kumar - July 7, 2005

Zen it is..

“The Obstacle is the Path”

Printed on a girl’s t-shirt.. you know where!

8. Dhar - July 7, 2005

Vivek, leaving aside the location of the one liner, I really liked it…

“Obstacle is the path” conveys so much about how we can lead our lives. Truly a great statement to start the day with…

And Vivek, from your blog I see total tod-phod macha rakhi hai life main. Meeting the Prime Minister and all. Too much only!


9. Vivek Kumar - July 7, 2005

Yup.. I really like the slogan. Looked for it on Google.. apparantly it is an actual Zen saying..

10. Anonymous - July 8, 2005

Saw this a while ago a pair ot T-shirt s discounted if bought together

“Life sucks, Wife does not”

“Wife sucks, Life is great”

11. Anonymous - July 8, 2005

ABOARD A BABY: “Party, My Crib, 2 a.m.”

ABOARD A 3-YEAR-OLD: “My Mom Calls Me No! No! But My Grandma Calls Me Sweetie”

ABOARD A VERY LARGE MAN: “Congratulate Me, I Used to Be Anorexic”

“I Have the Body of a God. Unfortunately the God Is Buddha”

Love the Limelight. And the Bud Lite, and the Miller Lite …

I’m Party Trained!

Ban baby oil and stop the senseless slaughter.

Please do not confuse me with someone who gives a shit.

What would Scooby Doo?

Been no-where, done nothing. Stole the t-shirt.

more slogans availabe on request 😉

12. Dhar - July 8, 2005

Wow! I really like the “Please do not confuse me with someone who gives a shit.”


13. Jake - July 9, 2005

hey anon,
v neat.

14. Anonymous - July 11, 2005

Aboard a HUGE Brit: Not a Hooligan

— sumo

15. Anonymous - July 11, 2005

On a tee worn by a rather attractive Chinese girl

“No Shirt
No Shoes
No Juicy”

Someone please explain that to me!
I would much rather think, no shirt, no shoes – lots of juicy!!! Or is the obstacle the path here?

16. Anonymous - July 11, 2005


I tell you these Chinese are crazy. {Tapping head…}

Unless, as you very rightly pointed out, it is one of those Zen thingies…

Either way, these Chinese are crazy. :))

17. Anonymous - July 12, 2005

Adding another one to the set:

I swear to drunk, I am not God!

18. Jeet - July 12, 2005

I am no longer a threat to society.

and of course thinkgeek.com has the usual collection.

19. Anuj - July 13, 2005

how to make holy water ?
Boil the hell out of it

The more human I meet.. the more I like my Dog 🙂

20. ritzkini - July 22, 2005

“Take my advice..i dont use it anyways…”

on a tantra tee…

“got grass ?” with a cow chomping..

21. Ilaiy - August 12, 2005

I usually post the new t-shirt designed once a week. It is not what i design ..But what i get .. Drop by @ ilaiy.blogspot.com


22. mantry - August 14, 2005


Remember that one on Suvrat’s tee:

in blurred font on the back
“Get Focused”

23. Dhar - August 16, 2005

Mantry Man… Can you send across your email ID?


24. Anonymous - February 17, 2006

dear anyomonus

no shoes
no shirt
no problem
is a song by kenny chesney

so that is where the shirt comes from

25. Anonymous - March 3, 2006

spotted these tshirst on a biker couple:
Man (on his back): If you can read this, the bitch fell off
Woman(on front): I the bitch that fell off!

26. Cool Percy - April 28, 2006

Hey anybody know what does that tee having “got grass?” and chomping cow means ? … please let me know !

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