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New Y!Mail Beta September 15, 2005

Posted by dhar in Misc.

Yahoo is apparently coming out with a new Beta version of Y!Mail. Features include three-pane window with folders in the left vertical pane, mail list top right, and a message preview pane below the headers, an ability to drag and drop mails to different folders, key board shortcuts and new context menus.

If you have a yahoo.com address, get invited to try the Beta.



1. lakesidey - September 16, 2005

Well, it says only users in the US will be testing the new yahoo mail beta. Are they judging by ip address or by yahoo.com/co.in ids, d’ye know?

2. Dhar - September 16, 2005

Lakesidey, it is being done on basis of your email ID. If you have an yahoo.com email ID, you are in luck.


3. Jake - September 16, 2005

well i have a yahoo.com email address. i clicked on the invite and put in my email address, but nothing happens. i am taken to my yahoo home and clicking on y!mail just takes me to my usual yahoo inbox.

any ideas ?

4. Dhar - September 16, 2005

Jake, patience my young padawan! It will take its own sweet time.

The process can be speeded up by offering a sacrifice to the heathen Gods while dancing naked over glowing coals. You willing to do that?

Jokes apart, even I have signed up for the beta, but have not got access to the new layout.


5. Jake - September 17, 2005

oi yoda,
dancing naked over hot coals better get me more than just a new bloody email. if you know what i mean 😛

but we shall wait and watch as yahoo tries another one at google.

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