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Customer Service and Fuji April 16, 2006

Posted by dhar in Misc.

For quite some time, I have been unable to update my Flickr photostream for a simple reason. My camera was undergoing repairs at the authorized Fuji repair center. While I had given the camera to the repair center quite some time back, they were dragging their feet as the part (Power Circuit Board) was not easily available in India.

One mail to Fuji guys and they swing into action. Harmeet, the Fuji employee at India, personally called me on 5th April and promised to have the defective part flown in from Hong Kong / Singapore within 10 days. Yesterday, I got a call from Harmeet. My camera has been repaired fully and as a small compensation for the inordinate delay, it will be personally delivered to me at my home. In addition, Harmeet said they will be providing me with a set of rechargeable batteries along with a battery charger as a complimentary gift.

Since my battery charger too had conked off, this is a real welcome move on their part. While Fuji may have taken time to get things functioning, they do know how to keep their customers happy.

If any Fuji guy reads this post, I am also looking for UV / Polarizing / Macro filters. A set of complimentary filters might not be a bad idea. Errr, I guess that is expecting too much. :))



1. Maria Palma - April 17, 2006

Thanks for sharing this story, Dhar. I love reading good customer service stories. I’ve featured this post at my customer service blog! It’s my hope to spread the good word 🙂

2. Kulpreet - April 18, 2006

Harmeet is my brother and had to go to Mumbai on saturday for just getting your camera repaired as promised. We all were cribbing as we had made plans to have a perfect holiday.
But your appreciation has made up for that.
Cheers to customers like you who appreciate the effort too rather than only results.

3. Ankit Sud - April 18, 2006

Nice to see that some companies genuinely care about their customers.

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