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Technology Adoption May 17, 2006

Posted by dhar in Technology.

While doing my MBA, we often did case studies on Technology Adoption. Often these cases would feature companies with superior products that did not win the marketing battle. In many cases it was small things that often decided the format wars.

Sometime back, I had created a WordPress account. In spite of realizing that WordPress is a superior blogging platform compared to Blogger (sorry, Eric), the transition was not happening. While I could not place a finger on what was required to make that happen, I just realized Blogger had its limitations and was ready to live with that.

A couple of days back, I read Vivek's blog and found that WordPress now allows users to import their previous blogs posts as well as comments. Finally, it was not the various advanced features of WordPress that convinced me to make a switch. It was a small, probably afterthought kinda feature that persuaded me to cross the chasm. I suspect the same was the case for my cousin Sunny.

For those of you still on Blogger (yes Jeet, I mean you), give WordPress a shot. You probably have nothing to lose. 🙂



1. Jeet - May 18, 2006

hmm. I know that wordpress is probably better.. and I already have an account :).. but I want to give blogger a chance.. I have already asked for some of these features..

Vaise bhi.. I am not an ‘advanced user’ of blogger 🙂

2. Arnav Sinha - May 18, 2006


The template’s really bright and very different from that of your previous blog. I sort of form pictures of bloggers in my mind based on their template, and so this change is a bit disconcerting.

3. dhar - May 18, 2006


Spelling corrected. 🙂

I am interested, what kinda image did you form from the previous blog template.


4. Arnav - May 26, 2006

OK, got slightly late in coming back to this section, but thanks to that nice feature at the top right, I don’t have to worry about you not coming across this comment.

Ummm, I didn’t expect you to actually ask me that, but, well, the colors on your previous blog made you come across as someone really intense, and sort of introverted, who opens up like hell with close friends, but is generally more serious, almost reserved, with new people. This template, on the other hand, makes you come across as someone who’s really flamboyant, and one who freaks out at any and every party, and has not one reserved tissue in his body. Actually, I can’t put my finger to it, but I feel there have been a few changes in the template since I made that last comment.

Yes, before you point it out, I really don’t have much to do.

5. lauster - June 27, 2006

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