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Bridge of Birds May 22, 2006

Posted by dhar in Books.

Against the exotic backdrop of China thirteen and a half centuries ago — a land filled with magic as Tolkien's middle earth — two odd companions seek the Great Root of Power. Number Ten Ox is a strong and eager, but rather naive, young peasant; Li Kao is a wily sage with a slight flaw in his character and a weakness for rice wine. Together they undertake a perilious quest to save the children of Ox's village from death by poison.

The path they take leads them to a homicidal matriarch, the cruelest duke in history, monsters both visible and invisible, men more deadly than monsters, treacherous labyrinths, pleading ghosts whose pleas are incomprehensible and the gradual realization that before they can accomplish their task they must complete another one: solve a baffling mystery that occurred a thousand years they were born.

Sounds interesting? Then you gotta read Bridge of Birds by Barry Hughart.

PS: Not sure of the legality, but this looks like the original draft of the book. Incidentally it differs a bit from the final version.

PPS: Anyone here ever read Jason Cosmo?



1. jake - May 22, 2006

jason cosmo ? oh yeah. its a trilogy by Dan McGirt. written in a style similar to Adams or Pratchett. The first book of the trilogy esp is really funny. Have not come across any other books by the same author though.

2. Dhar - May 23, 2006

Well, I didn’t know it is a friggin’ trilogy. I just read the first one and found it immensely funny. Surprisingly, quite a few of my other friends who are into SFF have NOT even heard of Jason Cosmo. Hence the question.


3. Jeet - May 24, 2006

Hi Dhar: Maine padhi hai Jason Cosmo.. Pata nahin kisne di thee.. shayad nange tha.. usko yaad bhi hogi.. I didn’t particularly like it.

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