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My Problem May 28, 2006

Posted by dhar in Misc, Technology.

All over the blogosphere, people raise their voices for or against some issue. A number of people raised their voice in the IIPM fiasco, while others protested the Reservation issue. Some protested the way Da Vinci Code was being treated.

Quite a few of my friends use their blog to talk about issues close to their heart. And talk passionately and with unwavering belief, they do. My problem is that somehow there is nothing I seem to be bothered about, nothing I care about immensely to blog about.

The only things that bother me, even slightly, are usually tech related. Network Neutrality, for instance. While I support the High Tech Broadband Coalition's view, I am always left with a nagging feeling there might be some small merit in what the telcos have to say.

Wonder if there is something abnormal about this kinda behaviour?



1. Vivek Kumar - May 28, 2006

“Wonder if there is something abnormal about this kinda behaviour?”

You mean, your support for HTBC’s view, or not being bothered enough about things? 😀

Quite a lot of things that I blog about not things that “bother” me. Certainly, most of them do not affect me in any serious way. I blog because it is good to interact with people, including old friends who live far and away now.

And surely, if Tech issues interest you, that’s as good a reason as any to blog.

2. dhar - May 28, 2006

> “Wonder if there is something abnormal about this kinda behaviour?”

Hmmm, obviously it is not being bothered about issues that bothers me. 🙂

BTW, when do you leave for Russia?


3. Jeet - May 28, 2006

Oye. totally normal behaviour hai yeh wala !! I will say keep it this way. Some fun tips here and there, a lot of info. And where are those quizzes?

4. Vivek Kumar - May 29, 2006

Dhar.. I would be leaving for Moscow sometime in the middle of August. I am thinking 12th (Saturday) would be a good date.

5. Chaitanya - May 29, 2006

If you don’t have anything to worry about, that is good. 🙂

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