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Google Spreadsheet June 6, 2006

Posted by dhar in Technology.

OK, this is exciting! I feel an online MS-Word like product might not be far off now. That said, here is a list of Google Spreadsheet features:

  1. You can import your .xls or .csv files and according to Google the formulae and formatting will be preserved. Cool!
  2. Define users who have read / write access to your spreadsheets.
  3. Export your work as an .xls or as a .csv.

Sign-up here.



1. Jeet - June 6, 2006

yeh jo writely acquire ki thee usko modify karke banayi hai kya?

2. Dhar - June 6, 2006

Jeet Man…

As far as I remember, Writely just had an online word processor. No spreadsheet kinda thingy. Suspect this is something that Google has come out with on its own.


3. vikas bodani - June 15, 2006

hey you.. blooddyy…
puttin news from here and there and makin ur blog look like a bloddy rss feeded.. vommit ur own stuff..empy; ur up storey?????

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