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Handsome, charming, intelligent. Women swoon over me, children trust me. God sometimes seeks my guidance. Men are usually envious. For relaxing, I usually juggle power saws and burning torches while walking a tightrope. To pass time, I often indulge in a game of speed chess with Deep Blue. Have been the provider of Humor Uninterrupted (TM) since 1977.

OK, OK, jokes aside! I am a movie buff. Love reading (primarily Sci-Fi and Fantasy) and listening to music (primarily rock). I am a fan of the Open Source Movement and a Linux enthusiast. Deeply intersted in Computer/Network Security.

Have done my B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay and my MBA from Indian School of Business (ISB). Am currently working with Ernst and Young as a part of their Security and Technology Solutions group. If you wish to contact me, I am available at sumit.dhar at gmail.com or sumit.dhar at yahoo.com.

The remaining information is classified. I could tell you, but then CIA would have to kill you.



1. G.S.Rao - August 3, 2006

Apart from CIA,Volatility,durability and quality of information also considered

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