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Photoshop: Transform your Landscape Shots May 24, 2006

Posted by dhar in Photography.

Sometimes the landscape shots I get are dull, dreary and grey. The scene is pretty good and you dont want to discard the picture. For instance, this picture I shot was pretty useless.

But you can use Photoshop to transform such shots into something enchanting and captivating. Here is the final result of my manipulations of this image in photoshop:

I have posted a short tutorial on how you can achieve such results. You can read the tutorial here.


Cost Effective Diffusion Filter Substitute May 21, 2006

Posted by dhar in Photography, Technology.
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A diffusion filter, often used by photographers to get soft lighting effects, costs a lot of money. Here is something different that you can try and get similar resumts (YMMV):

Just stretch a pantyhose in front of the lens and secure it with a pair of rubberbands. If the lighing is not as soft as you want, just experiment with the tautness, till you get the right lighting level.

Voila, now you have an easy to use,cost effective diffusion filter replacement.